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Spread good vibes through Caledonia one beer at a time! A random act of kindness to brighten up another person’s day could be as simple as buying someone a beer.

The idea is simple – it’s a “Pay it Forward”, but with beer. Beer it Forward promotes doing good without and expectation of reciprocation.

During these isolating times, Beer it Forward is a great way to unite people. When someone receives your Beer it Forward, they’ll enjoy good beer, and maybe even want to share that feeling with someone else – just like when we share a few beers with friends!

How to Beer it Forward:
1. Pick a description of a person or give us the name of someone you’d like to Beer it Forward to. It could be a firefighter, a person with a dog, your friend, or whoever else you’d like!
2. After paying the cost of the beer, the bartender will write your person down on our Beer it Forward board
3. When a person matching your description, or the person you named comes in, they can choose from any of our current beers to get a free Growler!


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