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Double egg stack with Otto’s turkey and bacon, a healthy amount of cream cheese and hot sauce.

Baked oatmeal

Delicious, sweet baked oatmeal with your choice of creamy steamed milk and toppings

breakfast quesadilla

Start your morning right with Chicken, egg, cream cheese, and our fresh corn and black bean salsa.

scones & muffins

Fresh baked from scratch.
(blueberry, cranberry, choc. orange, white choc, raspberry)

Breakfast Bagel

A savory breakfast sandwich made with your choice of bagel, egg, cheese, and turkey or bacon.

Turkey, bacon, avocado sandwich

Savory turkey and bacon with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and an avocado spread on our home-made, fresh-baked focaccia bread. With your choice of fresh-made coleslaw, or potato chips.

brunch burger

This Burger is the perfect thing for a late night overindulgence at the tavern. With healing powers of fat and carbs in every bite of this burger.

breakfast blt

It Combines toast, eggs bacon, and even a few crispy vegetables for good measure. Best taken to go with a big cup of coffee on your way to work or a road trip. If you want to stay and enjoy it with a beer I’ll pour.

signature blt

Stop in for a new take on this classic
sandwich each week!


IBU: 27 - ABV: 7%

fuzzy nuts

Coconut Porter. You get it? Coconuts are fuzzy.

Growler……. 64oz

IBU: 14 - ABV: 4.8%


Lightweight blonde ale. Light malt with a delicate and subtle, citrusy hop flavor and aroma.

Growler……. 64oz
Howler……. 32oz

IBU: 27 - ABV: 7%

no x in espresso

Bold and sweet roast character provided by a careful blend of specialty grains coffee and espresso.

Growler……. 64oz
Howler……. 32oz

IBU: 60 - ABV: 9.5%

baby it's cold outside

Growler……. 64oz

IBU: 27 - ABV:

butter pecan porter

Dark, roasty and sweet butter pecan porter.

Growler……. 64oz
Howler……. 32oz

taco tuesday



AVAILABLE ALL DAY TUESDAYS! Your choice of seasoned chicken, smoked pork, or black bean on a white corn tortilla, with fresh lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

signature lattes

Cafe mocha

Dark chocolate | Espresso | Milk


Dark chocolate | Caramel | Espresso | Milk

white cloud

White chocolate | Caramel | Espresso | Milk


Dark chocolate | Caramel | Hazelnut | Espresso | Milk

cafe caramel

Caramel | Espresso | Milk

marble mocha

Dark chocolate | White chocolate
| Espresso | Milk

nutty irishman

Irish cream | Hazelnut | Espresso | Milk

coffee & tea

drip coffee

Freshly-brewed, locally-roasted hot coffee! (medium roast, dark roast, flavor of the day, decaf).

cold brew

20oz of our refreshing, bold, and flavorful cold brew coffee!
(medium roast, dark roast, flavor of the day, decaf).

iced or hot tea

Choose between our House Earl Gray or our Green Pomegranate Tea!
(earl gray or green pomegranate)

caramel macchiato

Large macchiato made with caramel, vanilla, and smooth espresso layered on top of fresh, creamy milk (iced or hot).

hot chocolate


Large Americano made with three shots of espresso (iced or hot)

chai latte

Large latte made with our spicy and sweet chai tea mix, and creamy, steamed milk (hot or iced)


strawberry banana

Large smoothie made with strawberries, banana, and your choice of milk!


Protein shake made with strawberries, milk, and chocolate protein powder!

bahama mama

Large smoothie made with strawberries, raspberry, and lemonade!

party packs

coffee & baked goods

Your pick of drip coffee, muffins & scones.

Muffin Flavor
Capp. Chunk
Cinnamon Apple
Chocolate Orange

Scone Flavor
Chocolate Orange
White Chocolate Raspberry



Looking for a good time with family and friends? You’ll find it at EB Brewery. We’ll treat you to warm hospitality, the best food and drinks, in a warm, welcoming dine-in restaurant, perfect for brunch, lunch, and dinner!