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We Believe In Beer That Tastes Incredible

We are a specialized craft beer maker that offers variety for every taste

We Believe In Beer That Tastes Incredible

We are a specialized craft beer maker that offers variety for every taste


Come try the best oatmeal in town.


A Quick bite to eat.

On Tap

We keep 8 beers on tap and sometimes more. Wednesday is always cheep beer night.
  • Our Customers Love EB Brewery! 100% 100%

Tap List

Goldsmith IBU: 14 – ABV: 4.8%

No X in Espresso IBU: 27 – ABV: 7%

Rye Strong Ale IBU: 42 – ABV: 9.5%

Coal In Your Stocking IBU: 60 – ABV: 6.5%

Baby It’s Cold Outside IBU: 60 – ABV: 7.2%

Candy Cane Stout IBU: 27 ABV: 7%

Vanilla Bean Express IBU: 27 – ABV: 7%

Winter Galaxy IBU: 51 ABV: 6.4%

Our Story

EB Coffee & Pub is a family-owned establishment in the heart of Caledonia. For more than a decade, it has been a family favorite for its café-style atmosphere and live music on Friday nights. Now as Michigan’s first coffee shop and brewery, our guests can enjoy four mainstay beers and four rotating specialty beers, all brewed on-site.

Fresh Everything


Great Coffee

Valentine’s Lattes

Cupids Arrow
(caramel, hazelnut)
Even if you don’t get shot with Cupids Arrow, you will still fall in love with this latte. It’s the perfect mix of creamy caramel and sweet hazelnut.

Box of Chocolates
(white chocolate, dark chocolate, cupcake)
Unlike the actual box, you know what flavors are in this latte. We’ve combined dark chocolate, white chocolate, and cupcake to make this the perfect treat for your sweets.

(white chocolate, raspberry)
With the combination of white chocolate and raspberry, the milk turning slightly pink, you will have to say this is the perfect Valentines Latte.

Sweet Amaretto
(vanilla, amaretto)
Amaretto gets a sweet kiss from vanilla in this latte.

Cherry Bon Bon
(white chocolate, cherry, vanilla)
White chocolate, cherry, and vanilla come together to create this perfect treat for Valentines.

Paper Heart
(chocolate, almond)
Dark chocolate and almond come together to make a whimsical latte, just like cut out paperhearts.

The Best Brews Around

Coffee Bean

Best Beans

Coffee Bean

Best Hops

Coffee Bean

Perfect Blend


Come on In!


MON – THU 6 AM – 10 PM
FRIDAY         6 AM – 11 PM


SUNDAY      Closed



(616) 891-7700




8980 N Rodgers Court SE, Suite D
Caledonia, MI 49316