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IBU:14- ABV:4.8%

Ultra-clean and light bodied.
This lightweight ale dances across the palate, expect a balance of light malts with a delicate and subtle, citrusy hop flavor and aroma.

No X in Espresso


Bold and sweet roast character provided by a careful blend of specialty grains, coffee, and espresso.

White IPA


LIght in body and midly hopped IPA.

Rye Strong Ale


Powerful malt/rye character, resembles a spiced ale.
Not for the faint of heart! Heavy-hitting malt character and rye flavor dominate, but piney Chinook hops put up a fight.

Pineapple IPA

IBU: 75–ABV: 5.4%

It's a pineapple IPA what did you expect? Fruity nose, citrus taste and a nice hoppy bite.

Sunshine 9


A wheat ale with mildly citrus aroma and a smooth finish, making this a perfect summer beer.



A light pale ale a citrus nose and clean crisp finish of pine on the palate with a slight hop finish.


Dirty Dancer

IBU:14- ABV:4.8%

We have taken our lightweight ale that dances across the palate and dirtied it with a shot of espresso to create a volcano of flavor. The earthy flavors of espresso reveal the immaculate flavor and aroma of the ale. A favorite of many coffee-loving beer drinkers.