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IBU:14- ABV:4.8%

Ultra-clean and light bodied.
This lightweight ale dances across the palate, expect a balance of light malts with a delicate and subtle, citrusy hop flavor and aroma.

No X in Espresso


Bold and sweet roast character provided by a careful blend of specialty grains, coffee, and espresso.

World's Best Cup of Coffee


This blonde ale resembles our Brazil Sweet Bourbon Blonde but with a stronger coffee presence, the El Salvador coffee beans were aged for double the time to give amazing coffee notes.

Vanilla Bean Express


This porter has all the bold and sweet roast character of coffee and chocolate with a stunning flavors of vanilla.

Rye Strong Ale


Powerful malt/rye character, resembles a spiced ale.
Not for the faint of heart! Heavy-hitting malt character and rye flavor dominate, but piney Chinook hops put up a fight.

Pineapple IPA

IBU: 75–ABV: 5.4%

It's a pineapple IPA what did you expect? Fruity nose, citrus taste and a nice hoppy bite.

Baby It's Cold Outside


This harvest ale marks a seasonal shift from light summer lagers to a more complex and bold hop presence.

Butter Pecan Porter

IBU: 27 –ABV: 7.0%

Roasty and Sweet Butter Pecan Porter


Dirty Dancer

IBU:14- ABV:4.8%

We have taken our lightweight ale that dances across the palate and dirtied it with a shot of espresso to create a volcano of flavor. The earthy flavors of espresso reveal the immaculate flavor and aroma of the ale. A favorite of many coffee-loving beer drinkers.